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Helping Students, Supporting Teachers

For over 30 years, Guth Learning has been alleviating frustration, building confidence, and supporting students, parents, and teachers.


Our curriculum is based on the science of reading and was developed through tested  strategies to meet the needs  of diverse learners.


We make it easier for students

to fall in love with reading and




46 decodable books

Entice students to discover the joy of learning to read with these engaging stories and colorful pictures.


4 decodable comprehension workbooks

Establish effective reading habits by teaching students how to think as they read.


Middle School

Reading Reset


Enhance the decoding skills of all students by teaching them how to sound out multisyllabic words.

Reading Comprehension

3-book series

Empower students to read independently by teaching them 

language comprehension skills.

High School


Studying on the Grass

ACT Prep

4-book series

Ensure all students 
have an advantage on test day. These proven strategies also help students with every test in every class.  

Easy to Teach. Easy to Understand.

Featured Products
Learning to read

Book Sets 1-4

These four sets (46 total books)

are the perfect supplement to any phonics-based reading curriculum.

Each book contains carefully chosen vocabulary, focusing on specific    phonics skills. These decodable books are incremental, beginning with short

/ă/ CVC words. Each book gets progressively more difficult, adding

new phonics skills in a systematic and sequential order.

Students love reading these books all

by themselves. This early success

builds confidence and students

discover that reading is fun.


Reading Reset 


Reading Reset was written for older students because we know that many students who enter middle school are not yet ready to read grade-level material.

This workbook is appropriate for classroom use with students who were never taught decoding skills or with students who need to develop strategies for building their vocabulary.

This workbook is also appropriate for small group use with students who are reading below grade-level and need to improve their foundational reading skills.

"Today is the perfect time for me 

to become the reader I know I can be."

Interested Student

Reading Comprehension:

Books One and Two

Reading Comprehension: Books One and Two help students develop strong language comprehension skills,

focusing on vocabulary, language structure, verbal reasoning, and

literacy knowledge.

In Book One, students are taught how to recognize why an author included every word, phrase, or clause in a sentence. 

In Book Two, students learn the importance of transition words and how to determine why an author wrote each paragraph.


Reading Comprehension:

Book Three

The focus in Reading Comprehension: Book Three shifts to a comprehensive study of all Language Arts skills to ensure students are ready for high school. Students learn how to use their reading comprehension skills to analyze text and to express what they know clearly and concisely. 


ACT Prep: English
This textbook is part of a  4-book series.

ACT Prep: English reviews all of the concepts tested on the English portion of the ACT test.

In addition, each book in this series guides students through the process of setting ACT goals, establishing baseline scores, and charting progress. Students learn and practice proven test-taking tips and strategies.


ACT Prep: Math
This textbook is part of a  4-book series.

ACT Prep: Math reviews all of the concepts tested on the Math portion of the ACT test.

Each section of the ACT follows a specific format, which students learn and practice in each book in this series. Taking authentic ACT practice tests is essential; details on how to access official ACT practice tests are included.


ACT Prep: Reading
This textbook is part of a  4-book series.

ACT Prep: Reading shows students how to answer each type of comprehension question asked on the Reading portion of the ACT test.

All of the information teachers need to teach this curriculum is included in the student text. Each book in this series also includes an answer key.


ACT Prep: Science
This textbook is part of a  4-book series.

ACT Prep: Science reviews science terms and concepts and shows students how to understand the three types of science passages found on the ACT test. 

This series can be taught in multiple ways to meet the needs of individual students and schools. 

About Us

Guth Learning materials teach students the skills they need so they can explore their unique passions on their own. We cultivate a love of learning.

“Reading is important, because if you can read,

you can learn anything about everything

 and everything about anything.”

   - Tomie dePaola

Cathy Guth has taught hundreds of students how to read, but all of the Guth Learning materials were written because Cathy’s real passion has always been to help students want to read. 

No one likes to do things they don’t understand, so Cathy knew that the first step in fostering the desire to read and the desire to learn was to teach students how to comprehend.

When you understand what you read, reading is fun.


Cathy Guth

Founder & Owner

Used and Recommended by Teachers

“If you teach early literacy, you need this decodable book set!! The books are carefully written and leveled to meet the needs of a wide range of readers. Children love reading these engaging stories! Beginning readers are amazed when they can successfully read these meaningful, yet simple stories. Each book has a combination of decodable words, high frequency words, and uses natural language structure. 

I highly recommend this book set to anyone who teaches early literacy.”

Jolene E.
EC School Readiness Educator

“Cathy Guth’s Reading Comprehension series is user-friendly to both students and teachers.  

Teachers value the fast-paced lessons that require little preparation and focus instruction on essential grammar and reading comprehension skills.  

Students benefit from the practice and repetition, which allow them to become active thinkers as they read.”

Angela C.
Middle School Teacher

“The ACT workbooks by Cathy Guth are a perfect blend of strategy and content. While using the ACT Prep workbooks to teach a class, we would periodically look at a random ACT practice test to see if what the author said was really true. Every time, the author was spot on. Every time!

I truly believe that regardless of your ACT starting point, the strategies alone will help you increase your ACT test score.”

Tammy L.
High School Teacher

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