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Middle School Class


Meeting the Needs Of Diverse Learners

We cultivate a love of learning:

  • Positive Experience: Our Learn-to-Read books use carefully chosen vocabulary to ensure that every student has a positive experience right from the start.

  • Achievement Gap: Students learn at different rates, and for each year a student struggles to read, the achievement gap widens. Our  Reading Reset Workbook and our Reading Comprehension series were developed to help ALL students understand what they read so they will have the desire to read and achieve.

  • Equal Opportunity: Students who take ACT Prep classes increase their chances of gaining college admission and receiving scholarships. Our ACT Prep series was developed to give every student - not just those who can afford private tutoring - easy access to ACT Prep during the school day.

Why Are Guth Learning Books So Effective?

There are many reasons people value our books:

  • Each lesson can be taught in different ways allowing teachers to match instruction to student needs.

  • Our detailed lessons are presented in a simplified format that makes it  easy for students to follow and understand.

  • We provide enough practice pages so students can master one concept before moving on to the next.

  • All of the information that a teacher needs to explain each lesson is included on the student page. We provide examples so teachers can clearly and easily teach new concepts and skills.


These four sets  of decodable readers (46 total books) are the perfect supplement to any phonics-based reading program. After learning the sound-symbol relationship of just a few letters, students can jump right in and read an entire story. 

This early success builds confidence and students discover that reading is fun!

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Reading Comprehension

This 3-book series guides students through the process of becoming active, thinking readers. It was designed for middle school students as part of their core Language Arts curriculum and for older students who claim, “I have no idea what I just read!” We don’t test comprehension skills; we TEACH comprehension skills.

Teaching students how to comprehend really is easier than you think!

ACT Prep

This 4-book series, reviews all of the concepts tested on the ACT, but more importantly it directly teaches test-taking tips and strategies. Students who complete this curriculum significantly increase their ACT scores and because they improve their ability to read critically, they become better test takers in all of their high school courses.

Every student benefits from this perfect blend of strategy and content

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