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Learn-to-Read, Book Set 2

includes one each of 10 titles:​

Decodable Books

Put Skills into Practice

Learn-to-Read decodable books are the perfect supplement to any phonics-based reading curriculum.

Phonics skills help students  decode (sound out) words, but to read fluently, students need to put their skills into practice.  These engaging stories use carefully selected vocabulary, focusing on specific phonics skills. Students can easily read these books by themselves right after the targeted phonics skill has been taught.

This early success builds confidence and students discover that reading is fun.

CSO and Just Remember Words

Most of the words in these 46 books are decodable, but two types of words need to be memorized:

CSO Words are words you Can't Sound Out because one or more letters don't make their expected sound (of, have, they).

Just Remember Words are decodable, but they are used in a story before the corresponding phonics skill has been taught (look, toy, girl).

Kid Focused, Teacher Friendly

Teachers love the format of these books:

  • New decodable, CSO, and Just Remember words  used in each book are listed on page one, so students can practice the words before reading the story.

  • The text is written on primary printing lines, so readers can see the correct placement and formation of letters.

  • A chart on the inside back cover lists the phonics skills practiced in each book, so teachers can easily determine which books students are ready to read.

Learn-to-Read, Book Set 1

includes one each of 14 titles:​

  • At Bat

  • Pals

  • Big Pig

  • Sip, Zip, Mix, and Fix

  • What Is in the Box?

  • Dog in a Log

  • Ron, Don, and Jon Add

  • Six Hens

  • One Two Three 

  • Nets, Pets, and Jets

  • Four Five Six

  • Gus and Jud

  • Seven Eight Nine

  • Bob's Bugs

This decodable series is incremental: Students read short /ă/ words in Books 1 and 2. Short /ĭ/ words are added in Books 3 and 4.  As students progress through the series, they decode words with each short vowel sound. 

  • I Said Hi

  • I Spy

  • Seven Logs

  • This and That

  • Seth and His Chums

  • Jan's Cat

  • Red Sled

  • Kids Have Fun

  • To Two For Four

  • What Do You Want?

Learn-to-Read, Book Set 2

includes one each of 10 titles:​

In Book Set 2,  students practice the following phonics skills: short vowels, open vowels (hi, me, go), the long /ī/ sound for y (fly), beginning blends, and five digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh, -ck).

Learn-to-Read, Book Set 3

includes one each of 12 titles:​

  • Whales Love to Dive

  • Luke Like to Ride

  • Is Camping Fun?

  • What Would You Do?

  • Good or Bad

  • Which One Is Smiling?

  • If a Rabbit...

  • Just Once

  • Could a Robot...

  • On a Farm

  • Birds Chirp

  • Oh No, Said Bo

Kid Focused, Teacher Friendly

In Book Set 3,  students practice the following phonics skills: final silent e, -ng, -nk, c /s/, g /j/, suffixes (-ing, -ed), the long /ē/ sound for y (happy), r-controlled vowels (ar, er, ir, or, ur), and 2-syllable words (rabbit, robot).

Learn-to-Read, Book Set 4

includes one each of 10 titles:​

  • When You Make a Mistake

  • When It's Time to Get Dressed

  • Which Jersey Is Bigger?

  • Did a Male Bring Your Mail?

  • Did They Do What They Were Asked?

  • Real or Pretend

  • Magic on Red Oak Road

  • Can You Guess What I Was Dreaming?

  • Can You Guess What I Did Yesterday?

  • Favorite Things

In Book Set 4,  students practice the following phonics skills: -tch, long vowel patterns (-ind, -old,

-oll, -ost), long vowel teams (ai, -ay, ee, ea, -ey, -ie, oa, ow, -oe), schwa, ph /f/,  and silent letters (kn, wr).

Scope and Sequence


You'll be amazed at how perfectly these decodable books align with your reading curriculum:

See for yourself why people value our books:

Learn-to-Read, Book Set 1

Learn-to-Read, Book Set 2

Learn-to-Read, Book Set 3

Learn-to-Read, Book Set 4

Kid Focused, Teacher Friendly


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy individual titles?
These books are only sold in sets.

2. Should the books be read in order?
Yes. The books get progressively more difficult. Students should master the skills in one book before moving on to the next one.

3. Will the Learn-to-Read decodable books support the reading curriculum I'm using?

Yes! The skill progression in the books is systematic and sequential, following the standard order for introducing new phonics skills. New CSO and Just Remember words  are printed on the first page in each book, so students can practice reading new words before they read the story. 


"If you teach early literacy, you need this decodable book set!! The books are carefully written and leveled to meet the needs of a wide range of readers. Children love reading these engaging stories! Beginning readers are amazed when they can successfully read these meaningful, yet simple stories. Each book has a combination of decodable words, high frequency words, and natural language structure. I highly recommend this book set to anyone who teaches early literacy."

Jolene E.

Early Childhood School Readiness Educator

Curriculum in Action

Ron, Don, and Jon Add

At Bat

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