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“Today is the perfect time for me to become the reader I know I can be.”

Learn-to-Read, Book Set 2

includes one each of 10 titles:​

Our Commitment 

Reading Reset was written for older students because we know that many students who enter middle school are not yet ready to read grade-level material. When these students have to skip over words because they don’t have the skills to sound them out, it become increasingly more difficult for them to comprehend and learn. Our goal is to get every student reading on grade-level so every student is set for success. School should be fun, not frustrating.


Reading Reset was written for middle school teachers who do not have any special training in teaching literacy. This book does not teach students how to read. Students already have that skill. This workbook shows them how to tackle difficult words and how to increase their vocabulary. Teachers help students fill in gaps so they can read with confidence. Everything a teacher needs to effectively teach these skills and strategies is included in the student workbook.

Research Based

Through Science of Reading research, we know that becoming a skilled reader is a complex process. The lessons in Reading Reset are designed to strengthen five of the eight reading strands identified in Scarborough's renowned Reading Rope:

  • Decoding

  • Sight Recognition

  • Background Knowledge

  • Vocabulary

  • Language Structure

Our Approach 

What’s a Reading Reset?

To reset means to set again or to do differently.
So, in this workbook, students get the chance to do things a bit differently than they did in previous grades. Students review, practice, and master foundational reading skills, filling in gaps and growing in confidence.

Students practice…

  • Reading sight words fluently.

  • Decoding multisyllabic words.

  • Using an on-line dictionary.

Students learn effective ways to…

  • Study vocabulary.

  • Use memory aids.

  • Build background knowledge.

Reading Reset works well for…

  • Whole class instruction.

  • Small group intervention.


Reading Reset

  • Can be effectively taught by classroom teachers; one does not need to be a reading specialist.

  • Includes all necessary instructional information in student workbooks.


Reading Reset Thumb Drive

  • Includes PDF files of all student pages; use for initial instruction or guided practice.

  • Includes PDF files of all answer key pages; use for modeling, correcting, or re-teaching.

Kid Focused, Teacher Friendly


Kid Focused, Teacher Friendly


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What grade was Reading Reset written for?

Reading Reset was written for older students (past 5th grade). The words used on the decoding pages and on the vocabulary development pages were taken from middle school science and social studies textbooks.

2. Is this book designed for classroom use or small group use?

Both. This workbook is appropriate for classroom use with students who have not been previously taught decoding skills or with students who have not developed strategies for building their vocabulary. Because reading instruction varies so much from school to school, students can be fluent readers and still get stumped when they encounter unknown words because they were never taught how to sound out words or how to efficiently use on-line resources. This workbook is also appropriate for small group use with students who are reading below grade-level and need to improve their foundational word recognition skills.

3. What teaching method works best for implementing Reading Reset?

Most of the pages in this workbook can be completed as guided lessons. Eleven assessment pages are included to help teachers gauge which students have mastered concepts and which students need more practice.

4. If students catch on quickly, can pages or partial pages be skipped?

I understand why you might be tempted to skip pages – especially with all the demands placed on teachers and the limited time you have with students – but please don’t do that. Think, for example, about how many repetitions students need to master a new swimming stroke or song on the piano. The more they practice, the easier the skill becomes. The same is true for reading: the more students practice sounding out words, the easier it will be to read. For students to reach grade-level reading ability, they need to complete all of the pages in this workbook.


"The course I teach is based on the Reading Reset content. The book requires very minimal prep time
and is very clearly laid out. I connect the PDF that Cathy provided me to my Smartboard so that my
students and I can complete pages together. My students are engaged because they feel successful. I’m
using direct instruction, following Reading Reset sequentially, to help reinforce the skills that my
struggling readers are lacking."

Kris K.

Middle School Resource Teacher

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