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Our Curriculum

ACT Prep, a 4-book series for high school students, is a perfect mix of content and strategy. This series, taught in two phases, includes a student text for each section of the ACT: English, Math, Reading, and Science. In phase one, students complete the text to review concepts and learn test-taking strategies. In phase two, students  practice their pacing and evaluate their progress using authentic ACT practice tests.

Students appreciate that each book…

  • Provides practice questions using the ACT format.

  • Teaches test-taking strategies that can be used in all high school courses.

  • Includes enough practice exercises to truly master concepts and strategies.

  • Offers guidance for setting ACT goals, monitoring progress, and creating a plan for test day.

  • Shows students how to analyze their mistakes to determine which concepts they still need to practice.

Teachers appreciate that…

  • Each book can be completed in 2-3 weeks.

  • Each book reviews and reinforces concepts that teachers have previously taught.

  • You don’t need to be an “ACT expert” to effectively teach this series. Everything teachers need is included in the student text or in the teacher packet titled “ACT Basics for Teachers.”

  • Answers are provided for every question asked throughout each book.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Many colleges have test-optional admission policies. Why should I take the ACT? 
70-80% of all applicants are still sending ACT scores to colleges and universities. Institutions of higher education report significant use of testing data in almost every aspect of the enrollment process. Including an ACT score in your homeschool portfolio is a great way to stand out from other applicants.

2. I haven’t decided what I’m doing after high school.  I might choose a vocational or trade school or go straight into the workforce. Should I postpone taking the ACT until I’m certain that I want to go to college?
It’s good to keep your options open. If you might choose college, it’s wise to prepare for the ACT. Even if you end up choosing a non-college path after high school, completing this series will benefit you. These books provide a great review of the key concepts you’ve been studying in your core classes, you’ll learn test-taking strategies to use in all of your high school courses, and you’ll practice reading strategies that will increase your ability to read critically and analyze thoroughly.  


3. Can teachers without any previous ACT teaching experience effectively teach students what they need to know?
Yes! Every student book includes all the information teachers need to effectively teach this curriculum. Teachers also receive a packet titled “ACT Basics for Teachers” which includes general ACT information.


"I found the books to be very helpful to my preparation for the ACT. The directions and tips from the book led to a large increase in my score."

Lindsy B.


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